Nokia celebrates 30th anniversary of the world’s first GSM call, teases 6G

GSM call
The young Pekka Lundmark next to Kurt Nordman, CEO of Helsinki Telephone Association during initial test call.

On July 1st, Nokia celebrated the 30th year anniversary of the world’s first GSM call ever, which took place in its home country, Finland, in 1991.

The call, which lasted for just about three minutes, was between the former Finnish Prime Minister, Harri Holkeri, and Deputy Mayor of Tampere, Kaarina Suonio.

However, while the call isn’t considered that long enough, according to now Nokia CEO, Pekka Lundmark, it took them two years of hard work and sleepless nights to make that call happen.

During that time, Lundmark was working for Radiolinja (now, Elisa), as an account manager. Radiolinja is Nokia’s customer for the GSM technology, and so it puts him in the front line of the GSM race.

According to Lundmark, they were working around the clock, so much that he said he looked like a zombie, and that his colleagues started calling him “Chief Worrier”.

You may read CEO Pekka Lundmark’s fun retelling here.

Anyway, Nokia also uploaded a video on its social media, showing all the events and contributions which had happened after that first world-changing GSM/2G call.

And while we are still halfway through the track of the 5G race, the company already teases 6G for the future years to come.

Watch the video below.

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