Nokia celebrates 30th commercial 5G deal

Finnish networks giant Nokia announced today that it scored 30 commercial 5G agreements with companies around the world. The 30th agreement was signed with A1 Austria, a Telecom that also owns a lot of smaller telecoms in Europe, including the A1 Hrvatska operator in Croatia.

Nokia filtered all its 5G press releases here, but there is also a 5G dedicated site, from which the awesome gif below the title originates. The site is full with info for potential customers and everyone who wants to learn more about what Nokia is doing, so if you are interested, do take a look at it.

“This achievement marks a proud moment for Nokia as a company,” commented Rajeev Suri, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nokia. “With these agreements, creating new partnerships and continuing existing relationships around the world, we can see the promise of 5G becoming a reality. Many of the 30 commercial 5G deals we celebrate today include multiple elements from across our end-to-end portfolio as our customers turn to Nokia at each stage of their 5G investment cycle.”

With more and more pressure Huawei is facing, Nokia and Ericsson have an opportunity to strengthen their positions in the 5G race. The first 5G networks should go live this year in developed countries, like South Korea and I guess US, Finland and others, probably with limited coverage. There aren’t many 5G phones on the market – basically a few of them announced, but don’t think that any 5G phone has gone on sale.

5G does not only represent an opportunity for operators and networks companies, but also for the manufacturing and transport sector, as well as for phone vendors and Internet services providers, allowing 5G devices to consume more high-resolution content streamed via the network with less latency.

Nokia Press Release