#Nokia to cut 200 jobs in #Finland

As Finnish Yle.fi reports, Nokia announced that it plans to cut 200 jobs in its homeland, Finland. Most of the job cuts will happen in Espoo, the town where Nokia’s headquarters are. The rest will be split between Nokia employees in cities of Tampere and Oulo, but none of Nokia factory workers in Oulo won’t be let off.

After acquiring Alcatel-Lucent for €16 billion, Nokia doubled its workforce to over 100,000 and announced that the company must optimize its workforce, or in other words – let people go. Under an agreement with French government, Nokia agreed to keep the Alcatel-Lucent staff in France, and cut jobs in other countries, including Finland.

The negotiation with workers about the layoffs will start on 11th May, and most of the reduction will be concluded by the years’ end.

Source: Yle.fi


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