Nokia Mobile updates the official update tracker

Nokia Mobile updated the excellent Nokia Smartphone update tracker. The data was refreshed today, on 24th June. The tool is great for checking info about the availability of latest updates for a particular Nokia smartphone, as well as details about the update cycle and how long a device will receive updates.

The most recently announced Nokia C10, C20, Nokia G10, G20, and Nokia X10 and Nokia X20 are also on the list, with the column about update deadlines mentioning June 2024 as the month after the X and G series, for example, will not be guaranteed to receive updates. That’s solid 3 years of updates. The new C10 and C20 are guaranteed to receive updates till Jul 2023, so 2 years for the most affordable devices in the lineup.

If you are interested in the Nokia X20, we do have a detailed review up about the device that you can check here. Our hardworking Abdulla also reviewed the Nokia G10 and Nokia G20. The unboxing of Nokia X10 is also available, and if you are interested in something particular about the device, feel free to share the question in the article here.

You can check Nokia Mobile’s update tracker by clicking here.