HMD Global hiring in the US; Hinting at expanding operations there

Nokia Mobile’s US operations thus far have been, to put it mildly, limited. HMD released four smartphones and one feature phone there in the last 18 months of doing business. To be more precise, US customers could or can buy the Nokia 3310 3G, Nokia 2, Nokia 3.1, Nokia 6 and Nokia 6.1.

Recent LinkedIn job posts by HMD Global suggest that the company could expand their US business. HMD is hiring a Product Lead, E-Commerce Lead and Technical Account Manager, all based in the United States of America.

The jobs’ descriptions mention working with partners, operators and retailers; creating a fitting portfolio for the US market, local marketing activities, sales training etc. Overall, it suggests HMD is expanding operations there and looking for people to do that. Operators are multiple times mentioned and especially in the EU and the United States of America, operators are extremely important for selling phones, especially flagships. Hopefully the next Nokia flagship(s) will make its way to the US and in a CDMA version, too.

Source: HMD LinkedIN