Nokia to push French operator Orange to 5G era

Nokia won yet another 5G deal. The Finnish networking company will be transforming one of the largest mobile operators in Europe, French Orange, to a 5G offering operators. Nokia will be offering some products and services from its large end-to-end 5G portfolio. Those products include Single Radio Access Network (SRAN) technology, some advanced automation tools, modern network management solution and their professional services.

The transformation will start with some software upgrades for the SRAN network, and then they will install some AirScale 5G hardware and software for the 5G band frequencies. This will enable Orange to provide ultra-low latency networks in industrial areas, for health businesses and public safety, and also bring better internet speed to its users.

Orange plans to work with Nokia for the next 5 years since the 5G transformation if a part of their strategic plan called Engage 2025. There is one popular French captain of a starship that also likes to use the word, or adverb engage.

Anyway, Nokia is doing a great job. I like to see its engagement in bringing Europe to 5G.


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