Justin Huang is a new board member of HMD Global

HMD Global, or better known on socials as Nokia Mobile, or also known as the licensee of the Nokia brand for mobile phones and tablets, refreshed its Board member list again. After getting a new member from Nokia, which has a permanent seat there, the company introduced a new member.

Justin Huang is the fifth, and probably final, member of the Board, which has experience in mobile product creation, program management, and business planning, according to the HMD’s website. Mr. Huang was born in Taipei, where he got a master’s degree in Business Administration.

I couldn’t dig up more info about Justin Huang, and LinkedIn wasn’t of any help also since the only Huang there connected with mobile phones is designing ones for Huawei. Anyways, HMD Global’s Board is restructuring, so the phone business could too?


Cheers Thomas for the tip 😉