Nokia G20 compared to Nokia 5.4 (Video)

Glacier G20 vs Dusk 5.4
Dusk 5.4 vs Glacier G20

It’s no secret how much I like the Nokia 5.4. It doesn’t have one killer must-have feature, but it’s a perfectly balanced smartphone that offers something for everyone. The best way to describe it would be as jack of all trades, master of none. So when the Nokia G20 was announced, it was inevitable that it would be going head to head against the Nokia 5.4, which is currently discounted to roughly match the launch price of the Nokia G20. So how do they compare?

Key points:

  • There are many similarities, such as the camera setup on the back, the haptic engine, the bottom firing speaker, the almost identical call quality, dual SIM slots + SD card slot, etc. Even the screen tuning is almost identical, but the G20 has a slightly bigger display.
  • While the camera setup is identical, the end result is quite different, but choosing between them is a matter of personal preference. In video terms, the 5.4 offers more options, and has digital stabilization which gives it an edge.
  • The hardware design is similar, but the choice of finish is very different. The G20 feels more durable, rugged, and easier to keep clean thanks to the matte textured finish. In fact, I’m actually using it without a case these days.
  • The key differences between them is battery life, and performance. The G20’s massive 5050 mAh battery capacity can last you 2 days comfortably with around 10-12 hours of screen on time. With more moderate usage, you might even stretch it up to 3 days. The 5.4 only does up to 8 hours of screen on time.
  • In performance, the SD 662 outperforms the MT Helio G35 in every way possible, whether it comes to benchmarks, app launch speeds, smoothness, performance consistency, gaming.

So 2 similar devices, targeted at a completely different group of people. Which one would you go for?