Nokia Streaming Box 8000 gets its first update

Austrian company StreamView licensed the Nokia brand for TVs, stream boxes, and various other devices. The main idea behind the whole campaign was to bring Nokia’s name back to TV’s which was gone for almost 20 years. After launching Nokia Smart TV with Android OS inside, StreamView announced StreamingBox 8000.

Basically, this box makes your old TV smarter by giving it the capability to install Android apps on it. Unlike Nokia TV, the Streaming box is running Android 10, which makes it a lot faster and smoother to use. How the streaming box is behaving, and if you should need it, check in our review.

Anyways, Google released a new update for this product. The update is 827 MB in size and so far I noticed it is bringing a March 2021 security patch for Android 10 that Streaming Box 8000 is running. Maybe some minor improvements were added, but nothing visible. The installation was quick and went without any problem, so do check call your parents and grandparents and make them check if the update is available.

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I must say that Streambox 8000 is quite a nice smart TV box, and definitely, StreamView should have built its hardware inside new Nokia TVs. That way the TVs would have a better user experience and Android 10 as well. But, Nokia TV is also a good product and it runs pretty well.


In case you are interested in this TV Box, you can get it in EU for 99€ on StreamView web shop.