Nokia Solo Bud+ SB-201 certified by FCC

Nokia mobile is speeding up the development of its audio accessories and a new product that is coming to the market will be Nokia Solo Bud+. A New Nokia audio accessory might set you back to the times when Nokia was at its peak and many business folks were using Nokia wireless headset.

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Nokia Solo Bud + is just that, a simple bud that should make your calls much simpler. In case you are not a lover of classic earbuds, this one should be more affordable and offer you the possibility to take long calls and maybe listen to music while not talking.

The more affordable price could be the only reason why would someone get this Bud+ since Nokia Power Earbuds Lite can do all the above-mentioned tasks good as well.

Since Bud+ is certified, it should come to the market soon when all the details regarding the price and availability will be known.

Is anyone interested in this?

Check more details on FCC.