#Nokia 6 sold out again. Ships on 19th February; 17k positive reviews on JD.com

Last what we reported about Nokia 6 was that a fairly large shipment was sent to JD.com for Valentines sale. We checked the device’s store page on that day, and the device was not available for purchase. Now, on the same store page on JD.com is stated that the shipment will take place on 19th February. Our friend from Vtechgraphy informed us that the device went on sale on Valentine’s day, but was sold out instantly, even though HMD said “good supply” of Nokia 6 was shipped to JD.

If we take a look at the reviews of Nokia 6 on JD.com, there are over 17,000 reviews, with 96% of positive reviews. We assume that only the customers who received Nokia 6 can post a review, so at least 17,000 devices were sold.


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