Nokia Chronicles revisits some old Nokia related sites

Nokia Chronicles isn’t bringing us a new special guest but is taking us down to memory lane by blowing the digital dust from some old domains that used to do interesting reviews. Aussie duo, Adrian and Justin are revisiting some old blogs and new sites that were a must-go back in the days.

The first one they mentioned was a Mobile reviews blog. It was founded by a notorious Russian smartphone journalist/tech spy Eldar Murtazin back in the days. When I say back in the days, I mean from 2002 till 2016. Eldar is not so active nowadays. He pops up from time to time with some interesting but still suspicious info :).

Then they went on Clinton Jeff’s first blog ZOMGitsCJ, which was also a great source of all Nokia news. Clinton did an exceptional job back then and did some good reviews, which lead him to start

The next one they mention was which actually has the same roots as Nokiamob. The founder is a Croatian, and he founded one of the most popular blogs if you were a Symbian Freak. I remember spending a lot of time on it, actually on its forum, searching for apps for my N70 or N95 8GB.

They revisited some other legendary forums, and if you are a true Nokia lover, do take your BT earphones, sit back, open a cold one, relax and enjoy the run through the Nokia memory lane.

Man, the nostalgia factor is still strong with the Nokia brand. There is just a lot of things Nokia did that made folks really love its products. They manage to make their slogan a real deal since people really felt connected by using Nokia products.

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I know that back in the days, I was constantly checking Daily Mail, MyNokiaBlog, Symbian Guru, AllAboutSymbian, Nokia Connects, NokNok, Nokia Innovation, NokiaRevolution, and even NPU :).

What was your daily source of Nokia news? Do share the list of your favorite Nokia sites in the comments.