Nokia X10 up for pre-order in the Benelux for €309

Nokia X10 is the affordable Nokia smartphone of the X series thanks to somewhat weaker main and selfie camera module, and some software and Gorilla glass differences than the X20. All these differences didn’t lower the price of the Nokia X10 that much compared to the Nokia X20.

The device started showing up in preorders, and in the Benelux countries, the initial price is set to €309 for the 64GB version. In the UK, the 6/64GB version of the device can be found for £249.98, which is slightly better than the price across the English channel.

Nokia Mobile do promises three years of Android OS and security updates and guarantees that current hardware will last for three years, but the competition offers the same or similar specs for at least €100 less (for example, Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro 5G or Motorola Moto G 5G Plus).

The prices will change in the near future for sure, but the current prices won’t be helping the sales of the X series that much.


Thanks Thomas for the tip 😉