#Nokia 3 survives @ZacksJerryRig’s durability test

JerryRigEverything tested the most affordable device HMD offers, the Nokia 3, that is priced at €139 globally. The JerryRigEverything test includes scratch testing, display burning and the best test, coupled with overall analysis of the device’s look. The only downside of the 3, that survived the bend test and features a solid aluminum frame and polycarbonate back, is the lack of protection on the rear camera, that will potentially be easy to scratch. Zack recommends a case that will elevate the camera from flat surfaces a bit, because it’s in line with the rest of the back. See the test down below.


On the outside, the 3 seems to be a really great device, looking identically to Lumia 925. The problems start internally, mainly because a weaker SoC, but considering the price point, it seems like a solid device overall. Also, the 3 will get Android Oreo.