HMD Enable PRO is a new EMM solution from the maker of Nokia phones

The maker of Nokia phones HMD Global launched a new software service called HMD Enable PRO. This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering the Finnish company submitted the request to protect the HMD Enable PRO name some time ago at EUIPO.

The new service is an entrance to the Enterprise Mobility Management market for Nokia Mobile. This service allows companies to manage all their mobile and IoT devices from a central place. It runs on Google Cloud, with Nokia Mobile mentioning Finland as the location of the datacenters. The pricing and availability follow down below:

Pricing and availability 

HMD Enable Pro will be available from HMD Global for enterprises from today as well as from a number of resellers, including:

• A&C Systems, Belgium and Netherlands
• ATEA, Denmark
• Brodos, Germany
• Clove Technology, UK
• COMM2IG, Denmark
• IOSS, Romania
• Multilaser, Brazil
• Protelecom, Mexico
• Sicotel, Morocco
• Solutions4Pros, UK
• StjärnaFyrkant, Sweden
• Synapser, South Africa
• Vessel, United States

HMD Enable Pro pricing starts from 2.5 EUR/3 USD per month/licence (excluding VAT and other sales taxes).

You can check the details of the new service on the official website here.