Nokia Mobile bringing old school Nokia Retail Box shape

With the new naming strategy, Nokia Mobile also change a bit packages for its latest smartphones. While X series are still boxed in a standard flat boxes that have its roots in old Nokia Lumia high end boxes, the affordable smartphones are coming in a familiar shape that old Nokia users will recognize.

Nokia X20 retail box by

Vietnamese portal had a chance to unbox the new affordable Nokia C20, and they showed that Nokia Mobile is doing some old school cuboid boxes for that series. The last time I saw that shape of the box was back in 2013 when Nokia used to sell Lumia 920, 1520, 520 and so on. With the next generation of Lumia 9 series, they changed the shape of the box to the flat cuboid and also they dropped the lovely blue for the white that is still dominant on the boxes of the latest Nokia phones.

Anyways, the content of the retail package haven’t changed a lot but the standards for the camel and charger are somewhat changed. The box is bringing all the classic stuff, like wall plug, a USB-C charging cable, and a quick manual. I do miss that blue color, and would love to see it back.

Anyways, if you are from Vietnam, do check the review of this portal, and also the official Nokia webshop and register for the C20, which should cost around 2.290.000 ₫.

Would you like Nokia Mobile to bring back the old retail boxes back, or you are fine with the current shape and color?


Cheers Thomas for the tip 😉