Right to repair legislation should make phones last longer?

Nokia X20

Right to repair is a campaign started in 2019 that slowly turned into a movement against the electronics manufacturers, well not just them, but the whole manufacturing process of any kind. The main idea is to create legislation that will ensure manufacturers stop making products that are hard to fix, thus forcing you to buy a new device, which eventually leads to the creation of waste.

Right to repair not only fights for your right to repair the product but should change how manufacturers are making them. If the campaign succeeds, future products should last longer and be designed in a way it is easy to fix them by a wide variety of repairmen, not just the official care centers.

Linus did a nice video that explains the pro and against of the future Right To Repair legislation.

The Latest Nokia devices are designed to last longer and to confirm longevity, Nokia devices are tested rigorously before being shipped to the customers. By looking at the internal design thanks to the disassembly videos posted on YouTube, Nokia phones are quite easy to fix, with affordable phones being the easiest to disassemble and assemble because the back cover is removable as well as the battery.

What is your take on the Right To Repair movement? Do you want your devices to last longer and be designed so that any care center can fix it with ease, or you don’t care and charge your smartphone every two years?


Cheers SirFaceFone for the tip 😉