RichGo preparing two new Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones (E3101 & E3102)

Nokia True Wireless E3100 by RichGo

Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones E3101 and E3102 just got certified by BT SIG. This certificate reveals that RichGo, the licensee of the Nokia brand for audio accessories, is getting ready to announce two new, most probably, affordable earbuds. The BT SIG document revealed that the new Nokia E3101 and E3102 will be coming with a BT 5.1 type of wireless connection.

Nokia E3101 and Nokia E3102 BT SIG certificate

Last year RichGo launched Nokia True Wireless E3100 affordable earbuds for the Chinese market and brought the same one to the Philippines in February 2021. Nokia True Wireless E3100 was bringing 2.5 hours of audio playback on a single charge, and 10 hours more with a charging case that has a 400 mAh battery. So, we might be expecting that the E3101 and E3102 are upgraded versions of these buds, or maybe a slightly different product.

RichGo is most probably responsible for making current Nokia Mobile’s audio accessory, or some of those, and so far they are doing a nice job. It would be nice if all of those products would be available outside of the Asian market.