How to keep your phones organized at home

It is quite simple to organize one, two or even up to four phones an average household use. However, if you have more than four smart devices at home, leaving them at one place can look messy. I have that problem since I usually have some 8 phones that I occasionally use during testing process, or for following up the recent updates, and when you add the phones of my kids and wife, plus a tablet or two, the dresser where I keep the phone looks pretty messy. Also, there is a problem with cable management, which I still have no idea how to do properly.

There are several organizers on the internet, but I was too lazy to look for something I could not get right away, and I needed a solution ASAP because I could not see the mess anymore (neither could my wife). So when I recently redid my kitchen, I saw a perfect solution for organizing my test equipment. I ordered a Rinnig plate holder from IKEA, which turned out to be a great solution for neatly stacking smartphones and tablets.

The Rinnig plate holder is made of metal and covered with plastic to prevent scratches. There is a place for 9 devices, and it is pretty stable. It can only hold the Nokia T20 vertically, while the phones need to be stacked horizontally since the wire space is wider than the phones. Well, it is designed for plates. This holder is not the best solution, but it costs only 5 € (USD) and can also be used to charge phones.

I’m still trying to find a nice solution for charging the phone since currently, I have a cable expander that can take wall 4 chargers and offers two USB-A ports equipped with super slow 5W charging.

Just wanted to share my solution for phone storage and would love to hear what you use, have you maybe built a holder yourself or found a better solution? Share your thoughts and maybe photos of where you keep your devices while resting at home!