Nokia G10 available in Australia for $199

Nokia Mobile announced a bunch of new Nokia smartphones, and now the more affordable midranger Nokia G10 is already available in Australia. Well, according to Nokia’s official webshop, Nokia g10 is available in Blue color and ready to be shipped.

The price of this device that is coming with Mediatek G25 processor (something like SD 429), 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, 6.5 inch HD+ screen, 13 MP main and 8 MP selfie camera is 199$, the Australian ones, or 128€.

The phone is also available in JB Hi-Fi, but in preorders. The price of Nokia G10 there is the same, 199$, but the phone is available in Night (blue) and Dusk (purple) color.

This might be the quickest Nokia smartphone ever to be delivered to some market. I’m actually astounded that some reviewers in the UK already got the review samples a week before the announcement which is something I suggested for years that needs to be done. Nokia Mobile is really evolving in that particular domain, but it would be nice to see a more competent device being delivered to the market.

P.S. Dear Aussies, I know the text and photos are upside down, but hope you’ll manage to get the info by turning the screen or something.

Thanks Jett Appleby for the links and tip 😉