Nokia 5.3 received a price cut in India to make place for Nokia 5.4?

Last week, Nokia Mobile officially announced a price cut for the Nokia 5.3 in India after more than four months since its launch in August 2020. The 4 GB/64 GB variant that was launched for ₹13999 is now available for ₹12999, while the 6 GB/64 GB variant that was launched for ₹15499 is now available for ₹14499 on the Nokia Mobile India store. However, the device has been available for much lower prices on Amazon for quite some time now.

With this official price cut, Nokia Mobile is probably making a place for the new Nokia 5.4 in the country. The Nokia 5.4 is not listed on the official site yet, as well as there are no reports that confirm the Nokia 5.4’s arrival in India. However, the device was certified by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) in December itself before the global launch.

As per that certification, there are three Nokia smartphones under production at Padget Electronics’ factory in Noida that have not been launched in the country yet. The three smartphones are Nokia 3.4 (TA-1288), Nokia 5.4 (TA-1325), and Nokia TA-1328.

The Nokia 3.4 was supposed to launch alongside the Nokia 2.4 last year in November as per the social media posts of Nokia Mobile, but that did not happen. Even after more than a quarter since the global launch of Nokia 3.4, it is not yet available in a country that the company claims as “one of its important markets.”

Currently, Nokia Mobile is selling only three smartphones, namely, Nokia 5.3, Nokia C3, and Nokia 2.4, on its official store in India, which covers the price range from ₹6999 to ₹14499.

It signals Nokia Mobile’s total absence in the upper mid-range budget with no new launches in the said budget for more than a year now. Last year, it was the pandemic that played its part in delaying most of the things in the first half, but Nokia Mobile did not increase its pace much in the second half as well.

Anyway, this price cut is a positive sign for the arrival of the Nokia 5.4 and other smartphones in India in the coming months.

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