Nokia 8.3 5G could be coming with improved video software from Vidhance

Nokia 8.3 5G is the latest affordable high-end Nokia phone that could be a good lead towards the next Nokia 9. But, currently, the only problem with Nokia 8.3 5G is that this phone is nowhere to be found, and as time goes on, nobody will even care about it. Nokia 8.3 is bringing 5G to a lower price grade, but it is also bringing some new camera technologies that camera-centric Nokia fans could appreciate.


Actually, Nokia 8.3 could finally be bringing some improvements in the video recording thanks to some advanced software solutions by Swedish company Vidhance specialised in enhancing video performance of multi camera modules. Nokia Mobile introduced an Action Cam mode that was designed to capture smooth video when activated so the user could capture fast-moving objects. There is also that 2.8um superpixel video recording for low light conditions, which is unfortunately only recording in 3MP resolution, but OK. Here is a video that shows what is Vidhance doing to make a better zooming experience while shooting video, better focusing on moving objects and shooting in low light.

While this is nice info that tells us Nokia 8.3 5G might have a capable camera for its price range, unfortunately, no one can verify that since the device is not yet available, which is a shame. If the first reviews do prove that Nokia 8.3 is a good device, maybe Nokia Mobile can sell it well at markets that won’t be experiencing a fully-developed 5G networks by the end of the year. Nokia 8.3 5G should resist the time since Nokia 8.3 can support the transition from 4G to 5G non-standalone and standalone 5G that will be happening in the coming years.

Cheers Gaurang Patkar for the tip 😉