Nokia plunges deeper on AOSMark score list



AOSMark is a website that gives scores to Android phone manufacturers based on how many OS updates they pushed to their phones on an average in the past.

The more major updates one manufacturer releases, the higher is the AOSMark score. This should also relate to the end-users being more satisfied with its phone, but that generally doesn’t go like that. Anyway, AOSMark updated its score list back on March 25th, and Nokia dropped on 11th place, just above oppo, realme, and Huawei. Since Nokia has plenty of smartphones to update, and the updates are yet to come to many phones, it doesn’t surprise me the current position. 

But, what surprises me is the number of Nokia devices the AOSMark team thinks are running Android 11. So far, Nokia Mobile released Android 11 to Nokia 8.3 5G and Nokia 3.2, and that’s it. But, AOSMark has Nokia 5.3 there, together with Nokia 2.2, and Nokia 2.3. All of those devices are also mentioned as running Android 10, so they don’t change the score but make me wonder what AOSMark knows that many of us don’t. 

So, I checked the FAQ section and found out that the team also counts devices that popped up on their scope running beta versions of the latest OS update which should be usually close to the release cycle.

If you check Geekbench for Nokia devices running Android 11, you’ll find there Nokia 5.3, Nokia 1 Plus, Nokia 8.1, and Nokia 3.4. Some devices are there on the AOSMark list, but some aren’t. 

Anyways, we can then add Nokia 2.2 and Nokia 2.3 as probably running the Android 11 version that is almost ready to be released.