Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones E3500 available in Russia

Nokia Mobile invested a bit more in the official accessories in 2020, and a result of that could be seen in nicely designed and affordable Nokia Power Earbuds and Nokia Power Earbuds Lite. The only problem with these buds is the lack of logistical support so folks couldn’t find them in stores around the globe. Things are improving now with the Lite version being more available after Nokia 8.3 5G came to the market. Also, with a Chinese company RichGo entering the licensing deal with Nokia, we can expect to see a lot more Nokia audio accessories of good quality.

Rich Go brought to the market four new nicely designed earbuds and headphones, and two of the announced will be sold exclusively for Nokia Mobile too. Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones E1200 and Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones E3500 are already marketed as the official audio accessories of Nokia phones and are listed on the NOkia web-store. Essential Wireless Headphones E1200 are coming bundled with the recently announced Nokia 5.4, while Essential True Wireless Earphones E3500 can already be bought in some Nokia stores. Foor example, you can pick them up in Russia.

Our reader Alexander just did that. He got the Essential Wireless Earphones for a rather good promotional price of 50USD, and has sent us a few shots of the box and charging case. You can see that the earphones are marketed as made by HMD Global, or the startup behind Nokia Mobile. The retail box is similar to the one of Nokia Power Earbuds, but the design of the charging case and buds are different. These buds are looking more like other buds you can find at the market, with elongated part with microphones sticking out of the ear. I do like the looks and design of Nokia Power Earbuds, which might be a bit larger, but don’t stick out of the earlobe, but probably these Nokia True Wireless Earbuds E3500 are nice to wear too. 

Here are the basic specs of the Nokia E3500

  • Name: Nokia True Wireless Earphones
  • Model: E3500
  • Mass: 32 g (case+buds), 5g (one bud)
  • Battery: 48mAh per bud
  • Drivers: 10mm
  • Charging case: 360 mAh
  • Extra; IPX5, Qualcomm cVc noise cancellation
  • Connectivity: BT 5.0
  • Price: 78€

Anyway, good to see the official audio accessories are finally available in the stores, and I’m looking forward to seeing some other accessories like wireless BT speakers. It would be nice to pair up again with some renowned manufacturer of audio equipment like what Nokia did with JBL.

If you are from Russia and interested in Nokia Tre Wireless Earphones, do check them here.