Nokia to cut 148 jobs in Finland after negotiations with employees

Back in January 2020, Nokia announced it is planning to change the headcount in Finland. Some 180 jobs are at stake in Nokia’s home country, but Nokians around the world are also going to be relieved of their duties. However, Nokia did say that the negotiations with the employee representatives will be held, and that resulted in up to 148 jobs to be cut in Finland. Some 30 or more jobs were saved in the negotiations. The only operation that is not going to be touched with the transformation is the development of 5G networks which is crucial for Nokia since the competition is quite strong.
Nokia needs to go through a transformation to save its business operation, and that is why the Board found a new CEO that should help speed things up. Rajeev Suri was a great CEO and helped Nokia rise again, but now it is the time for fresh views in the most important role of the company. Pekka Lundmark might be just the right person since he is an old Nokian, but as always time will tell.
Source Reuters