Nokia TA-1278 and TA-1289 passed Chinese CCC certification

2720 left, 8110 middle, 5310 right

Two new Nokia phones with model numbers TA-1278 and TA-1289 passed the certification process with the Chinese CCC agency. Those model numbers don’t necessarily represent two phones but could belong to just one. The certificate didn’t reveal much about the device, or devices, but it did show that the phone is most probably an LTE feature phone which is coming with 2.75W Nokia AC-19C charger. The phone (or phones) is manufactured in Vietnam, where is the largest factory of feature phones for the Nokia brand.

At the beginning of August, an unknown Nokia LTE enabled feature phone (TA-1316) passed the FCC certification process, so this one might be the same phone but meant for the Chinese market.
Anyway, Nokia Mobile is getting ready to announce at least three smartphones and one LTE capable feature phone.

Thanks to Venkatesh for the tip and screenshot!