Nokia Mobile gets a new PR agency in Australia and New Zealand

A public relations (PR) company often plays a big role in bringing a brand to life. HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, has decided to proceed with a new PR agency in the ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) region. The chosen agency goes by the name, Adhesive, which also powers the PR activities for TikTok, Sony, Dyson, and more in the said countries.

For HMD Global, Adhesive will specifically look into PR, influencer, and social media activities, apart from handling the corporate reputation management. Nokia Mobile will also involve with Adhesive’s recently announced photography and design studio. Adhesive Studio will produce campaigns that will help Nokia Mobile reach new audiences. It will also work to improve the earned media programs or the unpaid promotional strategies.

Announcing the association, Johan Palsson, Head of Marketing – ANZ, HMD Global, said,

“As we continue to operate in a competitive market, we wanted an agency that could deliver disruptive new ideas that would cut through and reach new audiences across all channels. We look forward to working with Adhesive and its new Studio to bring these fresh new ideas to life, and support HMD Global’s goals to make mobile technology accessible to everyone, and showcase our sustainability message”.

Imagining a brand story that resonates with the masses, building the craze around the products using the mass media (social, electronic, or print media), or managing the media interactions, a PR does it all. However, one of the things that I do not find very commendable about the PR agencies is their control over the media interviews by the brands.

And that is often the reason for the repetitive statements that the company executives make in their media interviews. For example, the interviews by HMD Global executives hardly move any further than the talks about Android One, enterprise business, brand philosophy, or the affordable 5G phones. Again that is important in case an executive discloses a confidential piece of information.

Anyways, I hope that Adhesive will improve HMD Global’s marketing (which is not very compelling) in Australia and New Zealand.

Via: Campaign Brief