Nokia Anew reveals new details about the upcoming Nokia flagship device?!

According to Nokia Anew, Nokia Mobile is still going to launch its highly anticipated flagship device, despite the delay from last year. But as to when this is going to happen, the Russian Nokia community didn’t give any words on that. They did, however, provide new insights about the upcoming Nokia flagship.

Nokia Anew said to us that the upcoming Nokia device will be “something good in terms of specifications”. We don’t know for sure in which department will this device be good at, as we also ask them details about the camera, to which they replied “nope”. When asked about the chipset, even Nokia Anew is doubtful about the use of Snapdragon 888 in the next PureView device.


Nokia Anew also tweeted that the upcoming flagship device will feature a graphene cooling system. This adds it to the list of features we look forward to with the Nokia 9 PureView successor. In September of last year, they also tipped that the company is working on a device with sapphire glass.

Using graphene for heat dissipation is fairly new to smartphones. We have seen the implementation with graphite, which is a related material. In fact, graphene is basically one atom layer of graphite. The first graphene implementation for cooling in smartphones I could find seems to be Huawei’s Mate 20X and the graphene film implementation together with a vapor chamber. So graphene films are available in the supply chains and surely different companies are working on improving the technology even more.

Nokia and the commercialization of graphene

Thanks to its high thermal conductivity, graphene will be a good replacement for copper and aluminum-based cooling systems. Scientists discovered that pasting together several layers of graphene will further enhance its thermal conductivity. A 20 micrometer thick of graphene-based film for example, has a thermal conductivity of 1600 W/mk — that is more than four times the conductivity of copper (385.0 W/mk) and about seven times that of aluminum (205.0 W/mk).

In 2013, Nokia Corporation became a part of a group that received a $1.35 billion grant from the European Union for the Future and Emerging Technologies to commercialize the two-dimensional carbon-based material. Checking the patent pages, Nokia has also a couple of graphene-based patents under its portfolio.

In July of last year, Nokia patented an apparatus (a wearable) that can sense biometric parameters from sweat using graphene-based sensors. According to the new patent, this technology will be able to tell us about the current health condition of our body by examining our sweat.

Nokia Mobile event

Anyway, Nokia Mobile is already sending press invites for their upcoming event next month, April 8. We still don’t know which devices will be announced on this event. Although we are pretty sure that we will see the Nokia G10 debut, and maybe at least one Nokia Originals.

Source: Nokia Anew

Image credit: ConceptCreator