SIRIM certifies Nokia G10, G Series confirmed?

The Nokia G10 (TA-1334) has just passed certification in Malaysia, as confirmed on the SIRIM Berhad database. According to the listing, the Nokia G10 will be distributed by Nokia Mobile’s Malaysian distributor, Macpie Distribution SDN BHD.

Unfortunately, the database didn’t provide us any key information about the handset aside from confirming its existence.

Nokia G10
Nokia G10 as found on the SIRIM database.

The Nokia G10 has been making rounds online this week, notably after it appeared on a Russian website. Initially, we learned that the phone will be launching with 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage. However, we are also a bit reserved about this information as the specification listed on the website is similar to that of the Nokia 5.4.

Rumor has it, Nokia Mobile is going to totally revamp its current naming scheme, and the Nokia G10 will supposedly mark this transition to the letter series.

Nokia Corporation, when it was still active in the smartphone business, used letters to signify product divisions. In total, there were eight Nokia letter series that existed.

  • N Series – The N Series is reserved for flagship Nokia devices until the L Series. The N Series revolutionized the smartphone imaging experience, and started the partnership trend with leading camera lens manufacturers.
  • L Series – L stands for Lumia, or Light. This is a range of low to flagship Windows Phone devices developed by Nokia, later Microsoft.
  • E Series – E stands for Executive. This is Nokia’s enterprise lineup which went against BlackBerry’s business-oriented devices.
  • X Series – X stands for Xpress. The X Series is widely known for its focus on multimedia experience. It succeeded the XpressMusic lineup. The most notable smartphone in this series is the Nokia X, a smartphone running a custom Android OS.
  • C Series – C stands for Core, as Nokia considered the C Series as their core range of products, offering low to premium high-end mobile phones. The most notable product from the C Series is the Nokia C7 Oro which was adorned with 18-carat gold plating, leather and sapphire crystal materials.
  • Z Series – Z stands for Zuper. This lineup, though unrealized, was created to cater the tablet market. The only known product from this series is the MeeGo Nokia Z500. Unfortunately, Nokia scrapped the whole lineup before it was even released.
  • T Series – T stands for Time. This series is only exclusive to China. Usually, mobile phones under this series represent some Nokia devices released for the global market.
  • A Series – A stands for Asha, or Hope. This is a lineup of smart feature-phones dedicated for emerging markets. The series mainly focuses on messaging and connectivity features, and is known for its candy-colored offerings.

As for the Nokia G10, some websites point out that perhaps, the moniker “G” stands for gaming. If that’s the case, then this letter series will be a great reminiscence of the old successful Nokia letter series. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait any longer to find that out.

Source: SIRIM Berhad