Nokia Mobile to introduce new naming convention, drop the “dot” from names?!

Nokia Mobile might soon introduce a new device that will also represent a brand new series in terms of naming. As rumors suggest, the Nokia G10 might arrive soon according to listings in Russia. That will mean a brand new G series of devices, and, with fresh info coming from Nokibar today, we might see big changes in the way Nokia phones are named?


The famous Chinese Nokia forum on Baidu, from which a lot of leaks originated, posted on Twitter that Nokia Mobile is changing its naming convention and that will include removing the “dot” nomenclature on smartphones. The new naming scheme should kick in later this year, as the Tweet says, and that’s all that was posted.

We can only speculate how the whole naming strategy will look like, but if the info about the Nokia G10 is true, we can play a guessing game that it will be a combination of single letters and numbers. The old Nokia Symbian devices also had such naming scheme, as it is nicely pictured in the Tweet. Using “G” might associate too much to Google (or Motorola), but finding a spot in the whole letters-numbers matrix where a name would also be meaningful and easy to distinguish is hard.

I don’t find the current “.” naming scheme with numbers from 1 to 9 that bad compared to some other manufacturers that are throwing letters and numbers left and right without much sense, but it can be simplified for sure. Samsung with the A and S series did a good job there in some sense.

Anyways, what do you think about this? Do you have any ideas for easily maintainable, clean and clear naming scheme? Freely tell us in the comments down below. 🙂