Former Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri is the new CEO of Inmarsat

After stepping down from the position of Nokia CEO back in August 2020, and wandering around the tech sector, Rajeev Suri settled down as the CEO of Inmarsat.

This company which is a mobile satellite communications veteran has appointed Suri as its new CEO starting from March 1. He will also become a director of Connect Bidco Limited, the holding company of Inmarsat.

Suri is definitely a smart choice for the CEO role since he proved himself able of transforming the company that was on a brink of collapse and making it strong once again. Suri managed to double the revenue of Nokia to 23 EUR 23 billion in 2019, increasing the operating profit from EUR 28 million in 2009 to over EUR 2 billion in 2019 during his leadership.

Also, Suri is a super persistent guy that never gives up. Back at MWC2019, he chased us all over the Hall 3, waited for 10 minutes in front of WC to take a selfie with us. Good luck to MR. Suri in the new position!

Cheers V_M7 for the tip 😉