Nokia Terrestrial Receiver 6000 announced for 49.90€

After the leak two weeks before, Austrian StreamView officially announced the Nokia Terrestrial Receiver 6000. This receiver should save you the cost of buying a new TV due to the DVB-T switch-off currently ongoing in the EU.

Nokia Terrestrial Receiver 6000 is actually a Nokia DVB receiver that gives immediate access to all in your country available free-to-air channels and brings live-TV to your old TV. It is bringing the same minimalistic design as the Nokia Streaming Box 8000, but the smart TV part is missing here.

It is coming with a standard DVB-T/T2 reception, support for a timer, Teletext function. The receiver offers resolutions of 1080i and 720p, and a high-quality sound thanks to the new H.265 standard as well as Dolby® Digital Plus.

Nokia DVB receiver has a USB 2.0 port integrated, which means you can watch videos, photos, and movies from an external device. On the back of the device are an HDMI port, AV Out, and a coaxial connection for the house antenna.

To control the receiver you’ll get a remote controller that also has preprogrammed buttons for opening the on-screen TV-Guide where you can check the details about the content you are watching.

The Nokia Terrestrial Receiver 6000 is available now in Europe over the online store at for a 49.90 €. The product will also be available from March 16th at other online stores like Amazon and through selected retailers in Europe.