Nokia 5.4 giveaway winner has been chosen!

Nokia Mobile launched a nice campaign called Short Moving Messages or SMS, with the intention of sending good thoughts to the world in these uncertain times of the Covid pandemic. While to some it will sound like a waste of resources that could be put into the production of concise smartphones, this kind of campaign is showing the value of the brand and what it stands for. Nokia as a smartphone brand might not be strong as it used to be, but it is still carrying the same energy and meaning that everyone can recognize. You all know that Nokia stands for connection, and that is what the SMS campaign is for.

To make it a bit better, we organized a small giveaway where Nokia Mobile granted us two brand new Nokia 5.4 devices to be shared with the people. To take the Nokia 5.4 home, you just needed to share with us your favorite moment you had with Nokia devices, a funny story, or just a short moving story.

And boy you delivered. You left such great stories in the comments section of the blog, at Mr Nokia YouTube account, and our social networks (Twitter and Facebook), and we are grateful for sharing your memories and experiences with us.


We got moved by many of them, but also recognized ourselves in some. Choosing the best was rather hard, so we read them all, around 200 of them, and choose three that are we liked the best. So, here are the stories we chose:

I recently watched old matches of my football team Galatasaray on Youtube. Particularly the year 2000 when we won UEFA cup, and in the next seasons we were invincible team. While watching one of the videos I noticed the the huge Nokia logos on advertising boards in the stadium. Almost every match Nokia was seen in that stadium in those glory times.

And suddenly I remembered myself at those years. I was at university, many of the students were using Nokia phone, and some had Motorola. Having a Nokia phone was a cool thing and Nokia was king. I was happy, life was beautiful.

I had a girlfriend and and we had bought 2 Nokia 3410 for ourself at Valentine’s Day (it was a special promotion for Valentine’s Day).

Now I realize in the past in my beautiful days, Nokia was in my life somehow. Maybe for this reason I am still loving Nokia. Maybe I am thinking if Nokia gets better my life gets better too..

Back in the days when I was still using my N8 green, the most mobile phone I’ve ever loved and was excited to purchase, it slipped from my hand while I was trying to put it in my pocket! As a reaction, I put my foot in its way to mitigate the damage (of the floor ;P just kidding).

I didn’t know at that moment that I’m about to experience the most sorrowful seconds I’ve ever experienced with a mobile phone! Accidently, I hit my beloved phone out of the window from the second-floor :O (around 5 meters high)! It was a tragic moment when I was looking at it traveling towards the pavement with no doubt that I would witness my phone crashing apart!

The shock was when NOTHING HAPPENED! It hit the poor pavement and waited for me to go downstairs and grape it back. It worked perfectly without any fault for a long time after this drama! I still have it with me now. It doesn’t matter whether it was a Smart or Ordinary Nokia, “the floor always suffers” ;D


3. Juslin James РDigital assistant assisting 


In case you don’t want to scroll any more, you can relax and enjoy in MRNokia’s video where he is reading the stories with his lyric voice.


If you came all down to here, the winner story is the one of

Thank you all for making this SMS campaign more interesting and for opening up to us and the readers. We do appreciate, and that is why we have another Nokia 5.4 to share. But, we’ll announce a new giveaway in the near future, so stay with us and be connected now when we are being deprived of it.


Big thanks to Nokia Mobile for letting us organize our giveaway!