Nokia 3.4 also got Nokia Entertainment Flip Cover

The brand ecosystem is always more stable if the manufacturer or a brand licensee has good quality accessories to follow smartphones and feature phones. The same goes for Nokia Mobile that just recently started announcing more official accessories for its phones.

The old Devices and Services department of Nokia never had a problem with the official equipment so shouldn’t Nokia Mobile. But that isn’t the case. For example, the recently announced Nokia 3.4 also got its official Nokia Entertainment Flip cover, which looks nicely built and designed. The material used for the cradle is a transparent polycarbonate, which is in some parts covered by premium polyurethane that gives a nicer feel to the cover. I like the dual looks of the cover which still lets you show the gorgeous cyan of the 3.4. This dual design reminds me a bit of that glassy finish Nokia Asha 503 had :).

The cover weighs just 66 grams, which shouldn’t make your 3.4 heavy, and will make it possible to place a credit card or ID in the inside pocket. You will also be able to use the flip cover as a stand while watching videos or photos.

Unlike some flip covers for other Nokia smartphones, this one for Nokia 3.4 is coming just in black. The price is not officially announced on the Nokia page, as well as the availability. But a simple Google search pointed out that some stores are selling it for around €16, even though Amazon and other shops are still not offering it.

Nokia Mobile should invest a bit more in the accessories or maybe strengthen the availability of those products. That should happen soon since Nokia Mobile signed a deal with Strax, a company that should develop and distribute official Nokia accessories.