Nokia Mobile ready to announce another LTE flip phone

Nokia TA-1295 has passed the FCC certification process, which reveals it is yet another affordable feature phone. But, it can be seen from the released documents that the Nokia model TA-1295 could very well be another flip phone with a Nokia name. The first one to be resurrected was Nokia 2720 Flip, which was released back in September 2019 together with Nokia 800 Tough.

Anyway, if you check the label location diagram, you can spot the shape of the device that resembles the Nokia 2720, with that easily recognizable hinge on top. Also, the label is showing that the battery is removable and (nano) SIM card can be easily removed.

The documents also show that Nokia TA-1295 will have a BV-6A 1500 mAh battery, support for LTE networks, WiFi, and will be shipped with a 5W charger AD-5WU, USB-a/micro USB cable CA-10W, and classic WH-108 headset. The software number 0.2047.11.01 does point to the KaiOS, but so does the declaration that TA-1925 won’t be coming with preinstalled OTT services like Google DUO or any other that KaiOS usually employs. This means that TA-1295 is heading to China where Google services are not allowed or maybe can’t be tested. Since 2720 has been certified in China since December 2019, this could very well be a second flip phone from Nokia, or a new version of 2720. I hope that the display will grow a bit, both in size and resolution, since the one used on 2720 isn’t anything special.

It seems that guns will be blazing when Nokia Mobile finally decides to announce new Nokia phones. We can expect some pretty nice phones like the entry Nokia 1.4, then the mid-segment Nokia 6.4, Nokia 7.4, and obviously a new KaiOS flip phone.

Check the details on the FCC page.