Some scenes from James Bond: No Time To Die might be reshoot with new Nokia phones



The postponement of the new James Bond movie “No time to die” is old but still interesting news. The movie was initially planned to be released in April 2020, but it got moved to October 2020 due to the pandemic. We didn’t see it premiere in October 2020 either because the pandemic was getting stronger and stronger, so the production postponed it once again, and this time to April 2021.

Since the Covid pandemic is not declining yet, producers agreed to move the premiere to October 2021. Some might say the cause of these postponements is due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the inevitable loss of profit it is bringing. The other might say the true reason lies in the partnership with Nokia Mobile, which is known for delaying its best products. Whatever the real reason is, an interesting piece of information was brought by the British Independent just recently, which involves Nokia and the movie.

The final premiere postponement wasn’t received well by some sponsors of the latest Bond movie. To be more precise, mostly concerned sponsors are Nokia and Omega, which invested a lot in this move and are advertising their latest products.
The concern is coming from the fact that the audience will be seeing James Bond with old gadgets, or better say older models of Nokia phones and Omega watches, once the movie opens up to the public.

There is a slight chance of movie producers being forced to reshoot some scenes where the tech gadgets are most visible or being used, according to some insiders. So, it might even happen that James Bond will be using the latest Nokia phones and Omega watch after all.

The production of the No time to die still didn’t respond to the Independent’s inquires, but it will be interesting to see what will happen out of this all. Maybe we can get ready for the new leaks from the movie set.

Thanks Sachin Acharya for the tip 😉