Nokia (Lumia?) prototype with QWERTY popped up

Nokia E series had one of the best qwerty keyboards at its time, and those phones were serious competitors to the mighty BlackBerry. The last QWERTY phone from Nokia was powered by s30 and s40 software, and in the period of touch screen domination we didn’t see qwerty smartphone till resurrected BlackBerry did it again with the KeyOne model. Now, we heard about Nokia wanting to put qwerty on board of the Lumia lineup, and many people wanted it badly. Well, badly done prototype of Nokia Lumia phone running WP 7.X just popped up to show us that Nokia listened to its fans, but the qwerty keyboard wasn’t up to the touch screen. Model that is marked as Nokia RX-100 was probably some mix of Asha embedded into some larger Lumia phone.

This doesn’t mean that HMD will try to make a qwerty Android running Nokia smartphone, but this definitely means that there are some drawing plans of qwerty smartphone with Nokia logo.

God it is ugly 🙂 What do you think guys, would you like to see qwerty Nokia smartphone?


Source: Nokibar