No Time To Die delayed again. To be released on 8th October 2021

The upcoming James Bond movie called No Time To Die was initially planned to be released in April 2020 and Nokia Mobile was one of the sponsors. More precisely, agents in the upcoming 007 movie are using Nokia smartphones. A huge marketing campaign surrounding the movie was planned for 2020, but due to the outbreak of COVID19, everything was pushed back.

Nokia Mobile still did make sure that everyone knows agents are using Nokia smartphones by releasing trailers, 007 accessories and featuring the Bond scenery in marketing materials, on the official website. That certainly isn’t the same as having your product featured in a blockbuster, but maybe later this year we will see that as well.

In the latest press release called “No Time To Die announcement“, we can learn that the next James Bond movie will be released on 8th October this year. This is the current planned release date. The movie is done and the creators are waiting for a good moment to screen the film globally, and that is tightly related to how the pandemic will be managed. It was reported that major streaming service offered to carry the movie, but MGM (the producers) didn’t find the offers good enough.