Nokia Mobile teasing again with the cool announcement of Nokia XR20

Some companies completely stopped trying to keep their unreleased phones or wearables a secret, and started leaking on purpose a lot of details and images of upcoming phones. That kind of approach helped them create a fuss and raise needed views and clicks that will attract crowds.

Nokia mobile seems to be changing marketing strategy a bit since they started leaking intentionally a lot of details about their upcoming product, or products. We are familiar already with the exact announcement day, which is scheduled for July 27th, and then all the details about the new Nokia phones will be known.

The most leaked device seems to be Nokia XR20 which should be a tougher form of currently available X20. Nokia Mobile itself leaked the photo of the device emerged in the water which means that XR20 should be the second waterproof Nokia smartphone since Nokia 8 Sirocco. Hope that this device will be bringing more interesting specs than just ability to be submerged in the water.

Another thing that will be changing is the way the announcement will be conducted. We just received a press release that reveals a different way to present a phone. Actually, we saw something similar with the announcement of the first C, G and X series where some use cases for the phones were presented.

It seems that a similar way to present clear advantages of the phone will be used for the announcement of most probably Nokia XR20. Well, you can check the press release below for more info, but according to the released press photos, Nokia Mobile will be creating a funny announcement. The presentation is based on football, but the seem to be slightly late since EURO2020 just ended. Anyway, local football seasons are starting soon, and the world is always crazy about the football, so the engagement of some football free-styling champions and legendary football stars could be welcomed.

Nokia Mobile is keeping the name of the star hidden, but by just looking the calf of the persons leg, I could guess he is the author of the best free kick goal ever.

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Check out the full Press release.

Football stars teased for launch of the first life-proof[1]  phone, designed for the long run

The owner of one of the most powerful kicks in football is set to go head-to -head with a resilient new device expected to be announced globally on 27th July 

20th July, London, UK: The time has come for one of the most powerful kicks in football to collide with the strength of a brand-new Nokia device, and there’s only room for one winner.

A footballing legend will join freestyle champion, Lisa Zimouche, to put a new life-proof phone through a series of high impact challenges.

Stephen Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer for HMD, the home of Nokia phones said: “Our latest phone is tougher than the status quo, it’s built for everything life can throw at it, literally. And it is about to take on its toughest match yet.

“We create Nokia phones with technology that lasts for longer, we want our customers to be able to love, trust and keep their phones. In the coming days we will truly demonstrate our latest devices capabilities with the hand of the talented freestyle champion, Lisa Zimouche and a footballing sensation.”

More info is expected on 27th July.



So, what do you guys think, how will Nokia XR20 be tested like and what do you expect to see on July 27?