Nokia TA-1323 is another affordable device certified by FCC

The new Nokia model Nokia TA-1323 just passed the FCC tests. This device is most probably the same affordable Nokia smartphone that was certified in December 2020 (TA-1322), and according to specs, it could be the new Nokia 1, or Nokia 1.4.

The label location diagram showed the back of the device, which is consistent with the device previously seen and identified as Nokia 1.4. Nokia TA-1323 will also be coming with BT 4.2 and support just 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency. Released FCC documents haven’t revealed much, but this means that the announcement is pretty close.

But while we are getting yet another Nokia 1, many are asking for a new Nokia 6 and 7. The first and the second generation of Nokia 6 were launched in January, so maybe Nokia Mobile has the same planes for its fourth generation?

By the way, I just turned on and played with my Nokia 6 (2017), and I’m still astounded at how well done and light that device is when compared to some of today’s heavy machinery we are carrying in our pockets.