Nokia XR20 receiving Android 12, but other phones are updated as well

The big news is that Nokia XR20 is finally getting a new update since the last one in December 2021. The update is Android 12 and it is currently available in France, and probably elsewhere around Europe and across the ocean.

Android 12 version V2.300 is 2.14 GB large and is also bringing a March security patch. Our Nokia XR20 is still on the December patch, but that will probably change in the coming weeks. The update will probably be released in waves so, we need to chill a bit more.

Users are reporting that the installation went well and that XR20 performs nicely with the latest OS. I hope that the battery will improve for me since I can’t get a whole day on a single charge,

While the Nokia XR20 update is big news since this is currently the most expensive Nokia device in the portfolio to which Nokia MObile was rather late with update releases, Nokia G50 and Nokia 3.4 got new updates too.

Nokia G50 got the new Android 12 Build VV2.260 which is 2.09 GB large and brings numerous improvements and UI enhancements. The update is available in the EU but probably also around the world. Nokia 3.4 got a March security patch which is 36.41 MB large and available globally. The update installation went well and the phone works well.


March security patch has been released for Nokia 5.4, Nokia 2.2, and Nokia G20. The updates are available globally, so do check your gadgets and make them secure and up to date. Check the update details in the screenshots gallery below.

Big shout out to Etienne, Fair is Foul, Party_Parrot, Mickey B, pk, zaryan and the rest for tip and screenshots 😉


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