Dixon Technologies to manufacture Nokia phones besides Nokia TVs

Dixon Technologies, the second-largest Indian manufacturer of electronic devices, announced it will be assembling Nokia branded phones. Dixon was previously chosen for the manufacturing of Nokia branded TVs, so this came as a natural expansion of the business process.

Dixon, like Lava before, also took the advantage of the production incentive that the Indian government started. The main goal of that strategy is to flood the Indian market with products made in India but also export them to other markets.

Nokia phones will be assembled by Dixons wholly-owned subsidiary Padget Electronics, probably in their Noida factory where LG smartphones are being assembled since July 2020. Besides Nokia and LG, Motorola smartphones will be assembled there as well, according to the Indian Economic Times.

We don’t know what phones Dixon will be assembling, but as long as their quality control is high, I don’t thing that many will say something against this deal.

Source EC


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