Nokia 5.4 compared with Nokia 5.3 (TechTravelGeeks)

Youtube account Tech Travel geeks did a nice and too many interesting comparison video of Nokia 5.4 and Nokia 5.3. These are two midrange phones Nokia Mobile launched in 2020 with nine months difference, which brought some improvements to this model line. There are some differences in the design, hardware specs that might lean everyone towards a newer Nokia 5.4.

But Nokia 5.3 has its own aces in the sleeve too. The older model has a somewhat larger screen for those that prefer it that way, it comes in gorgeous cyan color, and its 13 MP camera is good enough. The price of 5.3 will be more attractive in the coming months which might distract folks from Nokia 5.4. But, Nokia 5.4 is bringing a newer design, hole-punch display, a better 48 MP camera, and a newer SD662 processor that also has a better GPU.

Do check the video and tell us would you still go for Nokia 5.3, or you are just a sucker for progress?


Even though I find the breathing light in the power button distracting, I liked having that feature. Well, it seems it is a history now sine Nokia 3.4 and 5.4 didn’t come with it. Ah well…

Thanks Todoleo for the tip and a link 😉