Nokia 8.3 5G on pre-orders in Belgium with free Power Earbuds


Nokia 8.3 5G is the most expected Nokia smartphone, probably right after the Nokia Lumia 920, which also came to the market six months after the announcement date. Anyway, the best smartphone that Nokia Mobile can offer is soon to be launched in many markets, and the Belgium market could be among the first to see it. Nokia opened the preorders of Nokia 8.3 in Belgium, where the 64GB model is available for €579. The device will be offered by Belgium retailers Cool Blue, Vanden Borre, and Krefel for the same price as announced on the official Nokia web store. Cool Blue and HiFi International will be also offering the 128GB model for €649. I kind of expected the price of the 128GB model to be set at €579, but Nokia Mobile is offering Nokia Power Earbuds with the phone, which is a nice bundle, and will make you forget a slightly higher price.

The phone should be shipped to buyers on October 12th even though Vanden Borre is expecting Nokia 8.3 from September 23rd. In case you are interested in Nokia 8.3 5G, do check it at the official Nokia page and the web store of the official retailers.
Vanden Borre
Cool Blue (64GB)
Cool Blue (128GB)

HiFi International (64 and 128 GB)


Thanks Thomas and Eero for the tip 😉