Nokia 8.1 discontinued in the UK

The first Nokia smartphone that got an Android 10 update is slowly exiting the UK market.

Clove and Carphone Warehouse discontinued the 8.1, and their stock is also empty. On the British Amazon, you can only find used Nokia 8.1, and the only one that is still selling it is Littlewoods, but the price of £369.99 is absurd since the price at the is £ 279.95. The lack of the device at the island will open the space for Nokia 7.2, or maybe prepare users of 8.1 for the eventual upgrade to 8.2, which is expected at MWC2020.
I enjoyed my Nokia 7 Plus and was hoping to test 8.1, but unfortunately, that never happened. Nokia 8.1 brought some needed upgrades to the 7 Plus, but I still believe that it doesn’t belong to series 8. Nokia 8.2, on the other hand, could be the proper Nokia 8 series, at least what Nokia Mobile now thinks that 8 series should look like. The rumored hardware is more advanced that 8.1, and that phone could easily become the affordable flagship that Nokia Mobile needs.
Nokia fans in the Uk could be saying, Nokia 8.1 is dead, long live the Nokia 8.2.

Cheers Indranil Acharya for the tip 😉