Happy New Year dear all!

Happy New Year dear all people around the world! Also, a happy new decade too. I wish that this year brings you happiness, good health, joy, and prosperity. Try to be reasonable, full of understanding, and stay connected with the world and people!
Oh, what a dynamic year is behind us. A lot of things have happened, and many will remember it because of though moments that impacted their lives and businesses, but some nice moments happened too. But that is life, after clouds and rain always comes the Sun, and that is the way it should be. The year 2020 was pretty tough on Nokia Mobile and Nokia corporation too.
The Covid pandemic did slow down the announcement plan Nokia Mobile had for smartphones and feature phones, but we still did see a large number of devices released. We saw Nokia 8.3 5G, the first Nokia device that brought 5G connectivity. Also, we saw a Nokia 5.3, Nokia 1.3, and just recently the Nokia 2.4, Nokia 3.4, and Nokia 5.4. Also, we got a new ultra-affordable C series phones like Nokia C2, Nokia C1 Plus, and a new set of Nokia phones for the US carriers like C2 Tava C2 Tennen, Nokia 2V Tella, C5 Endi, and Nokia 8 V 5G UW for Verizon. Nokia Mobile brought a lot of feature phones (Nokia 125, Nokia 150, Nokia 225 4G, Nokia 215 4G), and some new Nokia originals like Nokia 5310, Nokia 6300, and 8000 4G.

So, 20 new phones in total, but the best of them is definitely Nokia 8.3, which might be heavy and bulky, but it brings the best camera experience on Nokia phones up to date. We didn’t get a chance to see a new Nokia 6 and 7, or the best that Nokia Mobile can offer. That will probably be left for the new 2021 when not only the new smartphones will be coming, but also the new Android 11 for all the Nokia smartphones.

Nokia Corporation welcomed some new partners in the Nokia Brand Partnering business which got us a set of new Nokia branded products for the Indian Market (Nokia TVs and MediaStreamer), but also for the European market too. Nokia brand is back on TVs, but it can be found on Smart TV boxes which we had a chance to review. In India, besides TVs and Streaming boxes, you can find the Nokia logo on air-conditioning units, and it seems that the product line-up will increase in 2021. Nokia logo is finally back on audio accessories, and there are some interesting earbuds, power buds, and headphones made by the Chinese company RichGo which are also doing audio accessories for Nokia Mobile too. We tested and reviewed Nokia Power Earbuds Lite and compared them with classic Power Earbuds, so do check them if you got nothing better to do.

Nokia Corporation managed to sign many new 5G and other networking deals, get many awards and recognitions, and even make a 5G up and running for carriers around the world. The past year was also the year of large changes in Nokia’s management, which is now run by a new CEO, Pekka Lundmark. The following year will bring some new challenges, but the company will prevail and start preparations for the era of 6G networks.

The new year will be interesting for Nokia fans, aficionados, supporters, and Nokia mobsters around the world as always. We’ll still be with you, bring the tech and other news from the blue Nokia world, and try to make it closer to you.

On behalf of the whole Nokiamob team (Stipe, Indranil, J.K, Abdulla and myself), I wish you again a happy and pleasant New Year!