Nokia’s year in retrospective (video)

The year 2020 might be the one that most people would wish it never happened, and we are still experiencing problems, earthquakes, fires, floods, new variants of SARS CoV-2 virus, and so on. On the other hand, for many, this year was a changing point. It got them a lot of new friendships, new job opportunities, and business deals.
We might say that Nokia had a good year, even though the pandemic slowed down the 5G expansion plan. The Finns posted a nice retrospective video that shows just how many deals Nokia managed to sign and how many awards and recognitions the company got.

2020 was a year when Nokia managed to make 5G a reality for some operators and also a year of large changes in Nokia’s management. Also, we saw a new return of the Nokia brand to the consumer market through a brand partner program, and now we can buy Nokia TVs, Android stream boxes, WiFi beacons, audio accessories, and many more.

Even the talks for 6G started, and Nokia is going to be leading EU’s 6G project Hexa-X.

Do check out Nokia’s 2020 retrospective below.