Nokia announced financial calendar for 2021

Nokia Corporation is still in the phase of tactical restructuring that the previous CEO Rajeev Suri stated. The new CEO that took over the helm of Nokia back in August 2020, Pekka Lundmark, is continuing to strategically restructure Nokia corporation. 

This process will affect positively or negatively the financial reports and the price of the stocks. Because of all the changes, it is good to keep an eye on the quarterly and full year financial results that Nokia is releasing throughout the year. 

Nokia released the official financial calendar for 2021. These are the planned publication dates for the financial reports in 2021:

  • report for Q4 2020 and full year 2020: February 4, 2021;
  • report for Q1 2021: April 29, 2021;
  • report for Q2 2021 and half-year 2021: July 29, 2021; and
  • report for Q3 2021 and January-September 2021: October 28, 2021.

Nokia also mentioned that the “Nokia in 2020” annual report, which includes the review by the Board of Directors and the audited annual accounts, will be published in week 9 of 2021.

Also, the Annual General Meeting 2021 is planned to be held on April 8, 2021.