New Nokia Pro True Wireless Earbuds P3600 with BT5.2 certified by BT SIG

Nokia licensed its brand for smartphones, TVs, Android boxes so far. But there is another group of products that also have a Nokia brand on it and look promising. Chinese company RichGo which specializes in the production of audio accessories also licensed the Nokia brand for some of its products probably designed with Nokia in their mind. Nokia Essential Wireless Earphones E1200, Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones E3100, Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones E3200, Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones E3500, and Nokia Pro True Wireless Earbuds P3802A were the first to be launched, but only as an exclusive for Asian markets. Products seem to be of great value and quality, and that would improve further if the product name would be a bit shorter.


RichGo was probably responsible for designing and manufacturing the Nokia BH-605 and Nokia BH-405 for Nokia Mobile, or the Nokia Power Earbuds and Nokia Power Earbuds Lite.

Now, the same company will be selling Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones E1200 worldwide since those headphones are bundled at some markets with the recently announced Nokia 5.4.

Out of all the announced Nokia earphones or earbuds, only Nokia Pro True Wireless Earbuds P3802A are featuring ANC or audio noise cancellation, which is an interesting option to have. But that might change soon.

According to the latest BT certificate issued for RichGo, the Chinese company is preparing to launch another Pro version of the Nokia Pro True Wireless Earbuds. The model marked as P3600 will also be named Nokia Pro True Wireless Earbuds, but it will be coming with Bluetooth 5.2 standard, unlike P3800A that comes with BT 5.0.

The latest version of the Bluetooth connection that many wireless devices are using today was announced in January 2020 at the CES2020 event. Bluetooth 5.2 brings the implementation of Bluetooth LE Audio, or the Low Energy Audio, which still uses 2.4 GHz frequency but with a simpler modulation system. This means that the quality of the audio streamed will be great thanks to the new high-quality, low-power audio codec, and the battery power will be conserved. This means that the new Nokia Pro True Wireless Earbuds P3600 will be featuring these new BT improvements on top of some previously seen features that Nokia Pro True Wireless Earbuds P3802A are bringing.

Not much can be found on P3600 so far except this BT SIG certificate, but soon we might hear about it a lot more since the BT certification process is done. Hopefully, these Earphones will find a way to the markets outside of China and surrounding countries.

Thanks Rohit for the tip and the screenshot 😉


Source BT SIG