How to change the battery on Withings Move ECG watch

A more than a year has passed, and numerous steps have been recorded and ECGs done before the battery on my Withings Move has emptied completely. For the past two months, Withings Move has been working in a reserve mode and couldn’t measure ECG, but was still functioning normally. I wanted to take the watch to a specialist watch center, but I just had a need to change the battery by myself, and I did it.

So, Withings Move ECG is powered by a CR2430 battery, which is not rechargeable, and Withings is recommending using Toshiba batteries for a replacement. I couldn’t find Toshiba, so I took a Varta, and it works just fine.
The replacement of the battery is really easy, and I’ll take you through it set by step.

Step 1. preparation

So, to change the battery, you’ll need a precise flat screwdriver and a spare battery, which costs between 3 and 5 €.

Step 2. Let’s go

You’ll need to remove the upper band to get easier access to the small space where you’ll be sticking a flat screwdriver to take the back cover off. Don’t be scare if you dent the plastic case (you probably will) because there is a rubber ring on the metal cover that prevents water from getting inside the watch.

Step 3. taking the back cover off

To take the back cover off, you need to stick the flat screwdriver in the small space, keep it firmly there, and with a right twist motion the cover should pop off. Then just gently take it off and don’t tamper with the silicone ring.

Step 3. Battery

Take the empty battery out and put a new one with the letters going down.


Step 4. Finish the job

Put the metal ring back with that tiny hole pointing up to where the space for the screwdriver is, and just press it down until it clicks. Check if it is closed firmly.

The battery replacement is done, and now you can sync your watch with the Health Mate app, and enjoy your Withings Move ECG once again.

Anyone here using this gorgeous little watch?